Anjou Scented Candle 4 Pack Gift Set, Includes Pear and Freesia, BlackBerry and Bay, Orange and Peppermint, 20 Hours Burn Time Per Cup, 4 x 70 g for Stress Relief

Provide a mood intensifying light to yourhome with the Anjou 4-Piece AromatherapyFour Candle Set. Each candle is made frombiodegradable soy wax and a cotton wick. Once lit, the candle will gentlyflicker away without producing harmful black smoke. The result is a warmatmosphere to suit your space.FourSpecial ScentsThis set of candles includes four different fragrances. Choose from Pear &Freesia – a seductive blend of fresh pear and gorgeous freesia flowers;Blackberry & Bay Leaves – sweet blackberry notes paired with scented bayleaves; Orange & Peppermint – zesty oranges mixed with classic peppermint;and the original Soft Blanket scent – a gentle mix of fragrances that recallsthe joys of childhood.FreshFragrance EverywhereFor some, a candle is best reserved for romantic moments. For others, it is tounwind and relax after a busy day. No matter your reason for enjoyingaromatherapy candles, you can enjoy them in the bedroom, bathroom, around thehouse, or at special events like weddings and parties. The#1 Gift SetStuck on gift ideas for your special one? Need something for the folks? Packagedin an immaculately designed box, this four candle set is the ideal present forbirthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Mother’s & Father’s Days, or otherholidays. Hoursof Flickering LightStrike a match and light the candle to enjoy 20-25 hours of inviting aromas anda soft, welcoming glow. Each candle measures a generous 2.2 x 2.6 in / 5.5 x6.6 cm for use wherever you like. What’sIn The Box: 1 x Pear & Freesia Candle1 x Blackberry & Bay Leaf Candle1 x Orange and Peppermint Candle1x Soft Blanket Candle

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