SOLAS Scented Candles: Large Glass Jar Candle – Natural Soy Wax Candle-Enjoy Aromatherapy with Long Lasting 3 Wick Candle with Scents of Bergamot, Verbena, Lemongrass, Lime, and Sage of Scotland

Product Features

  • IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE AROMAS OF SCOTLAND - Beatha, a Gaelic word that means "the essence of life" is a timeless blend of lemongrass, lime, and bergamot, with undertones of verbena and sage. If you are interested in aromatherapy, you'll appreciate the way this jar candle's clean, crisp scent energizes and invigorates. Your creamy white candle is presented in smoked glass with a silver-tone top and packaged in a custom gift box that reflects contemporary Scottish design.
  • SCENT THAT LASTS - Solas candles use premium quality fragrance to ensure excellent cold and hot scent throw. Each of our candles is scented to a high level ensuring the delightful bouquet will linger in a room for many hours. We ensure use the perfect strength of wick for our candles making the fragrance level and burn time just right. Are you looking for a lime candle of a scented candle in lemongrass that will serve as your everyday kitchen candle? Beatha is your answer!
  • ENJOY YOUR CANDLES LONGER WITH EXTENDED BURN TIME - Your 12-ounce natural soy wax candle has 3 wicks, and an extended burning time of 45 hours. You'll find yourself reaching for your Solas scented candle instead of traditional votive, pillar and taper candles. The engraved silver lid can be used to put out the flame and preserve your candle even longer.
  • FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR ECO-FRIENDLY, NON TOXIC CANDLES - Your decorative candle jars are created by our own candle company with ecofriendly non-toxic soy candle wax. All ingredients are certified vegan, which are produced from sustainable and renewable annual crops. The candle wick is lead free and made from natural fiber. All Solas products are free from animal testing.
  • LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK - We have designed your Solas Scented Candles to enrich your home and décor with an elegant fragrance that will transform any room into a sensational experience. Please be assured that if, for any reason, you feel we have not met your expectations, we will provide you with a refund. It's that simple.
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Product Description

Your search for the perfect candle is over

Solas candles are for every woman who is looking a beautiful stylish candle with a strong scent to create the right ambience in their home, but who hasn’t been able to find one due to the lack of quality candles in the marketplace.

If this sounds like you, we understand, and we can help. You want to avoid cheap toxic candles with a low-quality scent, because you only want quality in your home.

What makes this even worse is the fact that there are so many cheap, toxic and poor quality candles on the market! Which means you are disappointed in the quality of other candles and may have been avoiding candles altogether.

And, worst of all, many candle lovers can’t get past the idea that all candles are natural and non-toxic which many are not.

All this can make trying to enjoy stylish eco-friendly candles a nightmare! But luckily for you, we have the solution!

So, if you are (or know) a woman who is serious about finding a beautiful stylish candle with a strong scent to create the right ambience in your home, the Beatha candle from Solas scented candles with its blend of lemongrass, lime, and bergamot is the candle you’ve been looking for!

Consider ordering a set of all three Solas scents – Beatha, Paisean, and Fois.

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