T&H Stress Relief Aromatheraphy Candles (Fresh Citrus, Warm Amber, Wild Mint, Sweet Basil)

Seeking Natural Aromatherapy Stress Relief? Welcome to Nature! These 6 ounce candles last 140 hours total burning time. TWICE the VALUE of others! Warm Amber To comfort and warm your heart on a cold winter’s evening. Rich and vibrant with a hint of musk makes this a soothing and evenly balanced masculine and feminine fragrance. Sweet Basil An extremely aromatic scent, with hints of pepper, anise, and mint. This fragrance will enliven and balance your senses. Fresh Citrus: Clean, fresh and invigorating. Perfect for brightening and refreshing any room. Wild Mint: Stunningly fragrant, refreshing and…minty! Designed to relieve stress and improve lethargy. These 4 scents can be burnt individually or as a combination. Mix ‘N’ Match any combination to create amazing aromatherapy space to fill your senses naturally: eg Wild Mint & Fresh Citrus: Super refreshing and sophisticated. Ideal for brightening up entry ways, kitchens, and common areas. This equally fruity and earthy combination is beautifully spa-like in fragrance. Sweet Basil and Warm Amber: To warm and comfort your senses. Combining the restorative qualities of sweet basil with the heart warming scent of amber oil. Perfect for a cold, winter evening. Just some of the many combinations you can try to create beautiful ambience in your home or even when travelling. This unique candle set is the perfect gift to say “Thank you” to your loved ones for any occasion. They will bring much joy and happiness to people of all ages. Add luxury and ambience to your home with this wonderful addition to your home decor. BONUS: Perfect storage containers for jewelry or other personal items. These beautiful candles are made from 100% pure soy wax and essential oils for natural aromatherapy and stress relief. …made with Love by T&H.

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